6 Tips for working in a shared workspace to set you up for success

There seems to be a special thing about the coworking spaces. People who make use of coworking spaces consider their jobs significant. Aside from the type of work they do — freelancers select projects that they care about, members have mentioned finding value in the fact that they may create flexibility in the work environment. Being in a new space will improve innovation and build more opportunities to develop new relationships.On the contrary, these benefits can contribute to frustration too.Too much change and inconsistency will impair focus and restrict one’s ability to shape long-lasting relationships.

Here are 6 ways you can efficiently use a shared workspace.

Understand Who You Are

You have to consider the type of person you are and eventually the style of work that helps you to thrive. Some people can only work with no distractions in a peaceful space while others excel in high energy spaces. For example, Hotdesking may work well for those who love the hustle and bustle while private workspaces enhance the job for those who work better in solitude.

Environment Matters

These days, every professional seeks to work in a position that has a conducive work environment with increased collaboration and accessibility. Some shared workspaces are more trendy, more elegant and more urban while others are more corporate. Working in an area you really like will help you use space effectively.

The Added Benefits

A shared workspace, for example, may offers its members health insurance or exclusive gym memberships. Ultimately, the benefits of your coworking space are intangible benefits which make members happier.Always note that a shared workspace is more than a comfortable office space; from your membership you will get so much more.

Interact with Other Members

A coworking space helps you talk to others and build working relationships. Freelancers, start-ups, and small teams are using these places to connect with others, so make sure you make the most of this. Speak to others when they take a break from what they are doing, or when they grab lunch or coffee. But with numerous businesses, positions, events and the nature of the room, it’s often hard to stay in touch or find time to interact.

Don’t Forget Why You Went to the Shared Workspace

Bear in mind that you pay a membership fee and you want to be involved. It’s nice to communicate with other members but it shouldn’t take up the time. One trick to keep your concentration when using a shared workspace is to make a list of the 5 items you have to do before you leave. Trying to complete smaller tasks you enjoy is better than approaching a large task which will take a long time to complete.

Keep your space clean

If you’re sitting in a messy environment worrying about how dirty your environment is, and how you’re going to clean it up, you probably won’t get any work done. Note that you are using a shared workspace which means that the space will be used by other people too.

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