7 Mistakes To Avoid When You launched a Coworking Center

1. A poor location

Look for a location that you can afford financially: both in terms of construction and maintenance. Your centre ‘s location is critical to its success. Check out if the area in which you want to settle correlates to the sort of people you are targeting.

2. A bad business plan

You should come up with a solid and coherent business plan before even thinking about launching your coworking project. Beware to count in ALL costs. Coworking managers’ testimonials appear to indicate that the profits from office rentals are not as high as those related to event hosting, meeting room availability, privatisation of the coworking space, etc.

3. Missing out on the interior layout

In a comfortable and friendly place, your members pay to work. Your interior needs to be welcoming and built to meet the needs and desires of your members. There is no need for your coworking centre to be close to any other open space! You need to think about how you can encourage coworker engagement. Set no limits in terms of decorating and style, but bear in mind that the coworking centre needs to be bright, airy and relaxing.

4. You did not set your deals properly

Be as precise as possible on what you want to say to your coworkers. Work on the offers that you will be offering and adjust them to your audience.

5. You are not planning on being part of a network of coworking centers

It can be extremely profitable to enter into alliances with other coworking centres in France and abroad. Being part of a scheme such as Visa Coworking enables staff to go on the planet everywhere, while paying in a standardised system.

6. You are managing your coworking center like any other renting office system

Coworking is much more than just the normal open space! It’s got to at least be lively! Host lots of events and performances, be creative.

7. Trying to Manage your center without CoworkHub.in

Without an appropriate instrument, you can not manage your coworking space. CoworkHub.in provide a variety of events and programs to enhance the overall work experience.

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