Coworking Spaces Are Better Than Your Local Cafe? Its True

In general, coworking spaces are a place for individuals wishing to create start-ups or for freelancers. There’s something about a freelancer saying “I’m going to work” that motivates them to keep up with their routine and do stuff. Nowadays coworking spaces have become the perfect alternative for most millennials, with many occupations requiring just a laptop and a comfortable place to work in. Coworking spaces at reasonable rates have plenty of equipment and the atmosphere keeps you as excited as ever. The query at some point in time “should I use a coworking space, or should I just go to my local café? “Must have been on your mind and seen by many. In order to respond if the coworking spaces are actually better than your regular café, we agreed to work for a week in a coffee shop and try to experience the atmosphere first hand.

Peace and Quiet

Coworking spaces are still busy, but not in the same way as other public places because the job is performed by those who are there. A number of coworking spaces have designated areas that are either soundproofed or closed to allow workers to take on and make peaceful calls. On the other side, the coffee shops are not holding up well on that issue. People value space and privacy inside the coworking space. People come there for productive work and complete their tasks, nothing more.

There’s plenty of distractions in the traditional coffee shop — talking customers, ringing in orders, buzzing phones, and blaring music. You might also end up eavesdropping on a conversation and the next table accidentally, which will take you away from your job for a while.

In important phone calls, the noisy environment can be very distracting, and can create situations of miscommunication and frustration.

Fast Internet Connection

You have a shared internet link with other people in a nearby café-who usually watch videos, download huge files or eat up the internet speed to catch up with their social. Coworking spaces typically have a fast and reliable WIFI network that allows fellow colleagues to comfortably access shared internet.

It can be very frustrating to have a slow and flaky internet connexion and get you hot under the collar, particularly if you’re a graphic designer who constantly uploads high-definition photos to and from clients.Why not go to your nearest coworking space and instead enjoy quicker, faster Internet speed?

Free Coffee

A large number of services are offered by the coworking spaces. Most offices have conference rooms which are professionally designed to seal off important meetings with clients or investors. They also have day-long snacks and drinks like coffee and tea. Many coworking spaces have their own kitchen and coffee making facilities, where you can even brew your own beans when talking with your colleagues.

Coffee shops cannot have separate task areas for freelancers and remote staff, since they often represent the exclusive clientele of ‘here for coffee.’ Think of how much money you would save if you don’t have to spend on all those lattes, cappuccinos or long blacks in a month!


The cost of renting a place in a coworking space might make some people scoff, but the upfront investment is well worth long-term benefits. Coworking spaces provide a comfortable working environment with the added bonus of 24-hour connectivity in many locations. There are also other advantages in terms of facilities, such as access to printers, meeting rooms, telephone booths and opportunities to network.

At first coffee shops tend to be a cheaper choice, but when the same cost-per-day is carried out for a long period of time, it builds up to be very wasted. Although every day you have the luxury of your favourite cuppa, working in a coffee shop does not always guarantee your choice of table.

Seating Availability

Coworking spaces are responsible for supplying you with a suitable workspace, as you want. If you are comfortable with a hot desk or need a dedicated desk or bedroom, at a coworking space you can certainly find the seat of your choosing. If you have copped a spot, you can work anytime you want, no matter how long you want.

You can also host a greater number of people in a coworking space to work on their business, by signing them up as guests.You will most likely experience your favourite place being taken from you in coffee shops because the workers are not normally allowed to book a seat. Often there are time constraints that require you to function only when they are available.It’s also hard to handle larger audiences on a daily basis — which may be a stumbling block for increasing planning start-ups.

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