How to Keep Your Coworking Space Safe During COVID-19

At the moment we are facing one of the most difficult times for the whole real estate industry. Maintaining intense hygiene and introducing new safety protocols during COVID-19 has become critical to keeping your coworking space secure. Nowadays it is tougher than ever to manage a coworking and versatile workspace! We feel your pain every day as a member of a versatile workspace, as well as a distributor, collaborating with more than a thousand operators like you.

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Acknowledge the situation

In times of crisis nothing is worse than silence. Your staff and representatives expect you to understand the issue, and then fix it. Even if this is just to let them know that you take it seriously.

Sanitize Everything

Make sure your place of coworking is safe and hygienic. All surfaces and items that members and staff often touch (desks, tables, telephones, keyboards, etc.) must be routinely cleaned with disinfectant.
Considering recruiting more cleaning workers may also be worth considering. Remind the members and staff to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands. You can do this with posters which encourage hand-washing.

Optimize the Space

The coworking space group has to take care of several things, such as seating arrangement according to social distancing norms, staggered meal timings with seating demarcation and enough space between workstations. In addition , ensuring an appropriate distance between seats in meeting rooms is also crucial.

Provide Sanitary Equipment

Equipments that should be provided Sanitarians,Supervisors,Open conteneurs,Occupational masks,Soap wax,Paper pulp, Medicines (paracetamol, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin), And wireless non-contact IR thermometers for precise monitoring of temperature of the participants.

Promote Remote Workstyle

Promoting and educating your members on remote work style would be great by showing them this as an example.

Encourage your members to connect via video calls and emails rather than in person Advise members to use a booking site rather than make bookings at the meeting. Instruct members and staff with moderate cough or low-grade fever (37.3 C or higher) to remain at home. Restricted the number of workers and reduce hours employed. Don’t stop talking and make people conscious if they need to stay home. You can count these as sick-leave for the workers and still get benefits. Make the workers advise on reducing use of public transport.

Cancel Community Events

Well, this isn’t new because almost everyone cancels their activities to avoid further outbreak. It may affect your company negatively, but this is a prudent move to protect your members before the situation changes in a positive way.

You may replace a face-to — face meeting or important event with a teleconference or an online meeting. Replace daily meetings with the contact via email. Inform the members to avoid welcoming visitors from international places in particular for a while. Avoid organising events outside of the business. Inform members and staff periodically of the procedures that must be taken.

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