Tips to Improve Your Coworking Space

To improve your coworking space, there are plenty of choices. But one critical aspect should be understood before you get into brainstorming mode: office space planning is not only about getting a cool design or reducing costs, but more about efficiency, community, versatility, and most importantly the occupants’ well-being and happiness. Tips to improve your space and improve your members’ productivity, community, and well-being. But it’s important to emphasise before we jump to them that identifying your objectives can help you find out the best path to improvement.

Layout your space with different zones

In space planning, zoning is a very significant concept. For various purposes, include as many areas as possible, such as:

  1. Offices for private / study. For example, I prefer to be in a private place when I speak to others. In an open space, I can’t talk, mixing hundreds of conversations
  2. Open Space. For any coworking space, this is obvious and you probably have enough of it.
  3. Team rooms. Featuring some squad rooms as well is always a smart idea.
  4. Rooms and spots for meetings and brainstorming. Collaboration and cooperation between members has to be stimulated. You should consider factors such as your audience and venue in order to prepare and select the correct meeting rooms for your coworking space.
  5. Defines sufficient break-out spaces, cafeterias and resting places.

Engage with your members

You need to get involved with your tenants. This implies establishing a flow of cross-communication between you and them, and between coworkers.

  1. You should try to create a community that is social. Putting on micro-events for community members is a positive choice.
  2. But you can also find a way for your members to connect and get their feedback. You want your coworking space, after all, to satisfy your members and make them happy. You should find a convenient way to collect as much feedback as possible about your product and how to develop it, because space is your product.

Choose your desks and chairs wisely

This is pretty obvious, but somehow, many places are doing it wrong. In order for your members to feel comfortable, there are laws that you should comply with. According to specifications, the height of desks and chairs should be. Even if it looks good, having a desk that is too small is not a good idea.

Manage noise levels

Coworking means an open plan and that’s part of what’s so cool about it. We all know the benefits of an open workplace, but there are quite a few drawbacks to it. The noise can be very distracting and unproductive in an open space. Not to mention that making business calls in a noisy atmosphere could be frustrating.

Provide healthy snacks

We all love snacks. If you could have decent, healthy snacks for your tenants, it would be very decent. People love to buy vegetables, nuts, salads, smoothies, or sugar-free, organic cookies. Your viewers are people who care about their health, so it is important to have healthy snacks. Also, a nice way to promote creativity, interaction, and collaboration between members is to have a place for a snack and good coffee.

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